Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cozy at Home

The warm days and cool nights of early fall have created masterpieces in our neighborhood. I spotted an incredible yellow tree this week that almost seemed to be glowing it was so bright. (No, I didn't have the camera with me.) However, I did take these two photos looking across our back yard. Aren't these colors wonderful!

Of course, when the weather is nippy and the leaves are piling up on the ground, it's time to break out the ole crockpot and start making soups, chili's and stews! This week I threw together a quick vegetable beef soup, and some homemade whole wheat bread! The house smelled delish!

Why is it, when you make soup it seems to multiply? We ate for three days from this one meal. It would have been 4 days, but we had a visitor today and I sent the leftovers home with her, cuz it's nice to share like that (and I was totally tired of soup).

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