Thursday, October 8, 2009

Childlike Prayers

Sometimes, I wonder if anything I teach is really absorbed (or heard for that matter) by anyone around me. Besides my regular homeschooling and co-op teaching I'm in the process of teaching a 12 week prayer class at church...attendance is low, and with the exception of one or two people I'm met by blank looks as if they left the lights on but are no longer home. Last week I taught on specific types of prayer, focusing especially on prayer of thanksgiving and prayer or adoration.

My children will almost argue to see who gets to say the blessing at mealtime. If Lindsey is the designated blessing sayer, you better hope the food was REALLY hot when it was served. Her prayers generally go something like this "Dear God, thank you for my plate, and my napkin, and my fork, and my cup, and my juice and for my.....(whatever is on the plate, in single order by largest amount to least amount). Thank you for salt, and the pepper......". If you interrupt her, or try to rush her and she loses her place, she does start over at the beginning. I've learned to not put condiments on the cuts down on prayer time.

This week she asked for her favorite food of oatmeal. It was the only item she had, besides her napkin, cup, juice, get the point. So she went through the entire thing and finished with "in Jesus' name amen".....then quickly added "and God I just love you so much". I'm quite certain the Father's heart swelled up with the pureness of her added words; I know mine did. Then I realized, it was a simple prayer of adoration from a child's heart.

Then today, Olivia came to show me a prayer she'd written. I was curious as to why she'd written her prayer down, so I had to ask, really. Her response was quite profound for a 6 year old. "Because writing things down helps you to remember important things, and this is important." Very good point indeed!

Her written prayer was simple, but equally profound (and yes, this is how she spelled it).

"Deer God. Thank you for my sishter. Thank you for my moma. Thank you for my dad. Thank you God for making me. The End"

Spelling errors aside, that there is a prayer of thanksgiving if ever I heard one. So even if the adults in the prayer class aren't "getting it", the girls seem to be, and truly that is what's important to me!

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First Things First said...

LOVE THIS POST! I will read it to the boys before...bedtime prayers. Thanks for making me SMILE!