Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Real Church (Book Review)

(Disclaimer: for those of you who read my blog, and go to my church...brace yourselves...or skip this post, or read with an open mind.)

I do not like going to church anymore. I don't like all the new and exciting programs that demand more time and attention; the hoop jumping that must be done to show that you're a "part of what God's wanting to do"; the title of "leadership" that everyone wants so desperately to achieve. I've felt this way for years now, and apparently, I'm not alone. Well known author, speaker and counselor, Dr. Larry Crabb found himself with these same feelings, enough so that he wrote a book entitled "Real Church: Does It Exist? Can I Find It?".

Larry Crabb recalls a moment when he was attending church and found himself bored, disillusioned and drifting off. He took a pen and wrote a note in the margins of his bulletin: I think I might have to give up Christianity in order to follow Christ.

In this thought provoking book, Crabb openly shares his struggles with the modern day civilized church. He openly shares stories, trials, and defeats from his own life. Dr. Crabb doesn't claim to have all the answers to what's wrong with today's "church machine". However, he does point out that as a growing number of devout Christians leave church, maybe it's time to rethink our programs, building funds and side businesses and focus on living as Jesus would in our daily lives, in our homes and our community.

Pastors and "leadership" would do well to read "Real Church". I think it says what so many church member are feeling and thinking, but can't voice because it's not what is expected of them. Meeting expectations (read: obligated to do) can choke the life and anointing from the most sincere Christian.

You can order a copy of Real Church directly from Thomas Nelson by clicking here, or you can shop at Amazon by clicking here.

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First Things First said...

I may read this. I am so with you. I love Jesus with all my heart. I know we are called to be a part of a local church, BUT I am so sick of the games, poilitics and personalities I have to deal with every time I come into the "House of God." I can see why so many don't bother!!