Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Indoor Plumbing

Indoor plumbing is one of those things we just take for granted...and then one day it doesn't work and things change, quickly. On Saturday evening, after washing the dishes I turned on the garbage disposal and the water all went down as usual...and then it came back up in the other side of the sink. NOT AS USUAL.

I asked the husband to come take a look, so he tried using the plunger and a 1/2 bottle of Drano, but to no avail. So the decision was made to let the clog sit until Sunday after church...so we could go by Walmart and buy a full bottle of Drano (ok, we bought two full bottles). Bottle number 1 went in and sat for an hour or more...then more plungering (is that a word?). By the end of Sunday, bottle number 2 had been used, still more plungering and still no change in the clog situation.

Monday I suggested that the plunger may in fact be shoving the clog deeper into the pipe. The husband consulted his dad, borrowed a pipe wrench from our neighbor and took the pipe loose from the sink to the wall. No clog. He then went to the basement and took the trap loose from the pipe there. Yeah...well after all the water from the pipe and the 2 bottles of Drano shot all over the wall, my husband and his workshop, he fount that there was DEFINITELY a clog there. God only knows what that disgusting mass of stuff was. Cleared it out, reassembled the pipe and started running water in the sink. It's still clogged.

Tuesday the husband goes to the hardware store and buys a 15foot long "snake" and snakes the drain in both directions. Reassembles, turns on the water and...tada!...still clogged. So I just got back from Lowe's, with a 50foot long "snake". I'm really hoping that this does the trick, because quite honestly I can't function without a functioning kitchen.

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