Thursday, September 24, 2009


Busy. It's such a bad does have four letters after all!! I've heard various acronyms...Being Under Satan's Yoke is a good one. Seriously, start a conversation with anyone using the open line of "how are things?" and you'll almost always get the answer of "BUSY!".

This week has been especially busy for me. We do our school time from around 9am until 2 each day; then we break for lunch and start back up from 3-4:30 or so if we need the extra time. We're wrapping up summer baseball (thank God, only 3 more games); and starting fall ballet. Monday, both children had somewhere to be at 5:30, on opposite ends of town. So I took Lindsey to ballet, dropped her off with her teacher, handed my cell phone number to another ballet mom in case there was a catastrophe while I as out. Olivia and I jumped back in the van, drove to the ball park and deposited her in the care of her baseball coach, along with my cell phone number in case there was an emergency...then I zipped back across town (alone for a few brief moments, except for a nagging guilt for having to hand the kids off) to retrieve Lindsey from ballet and then return to the ball field.

Tuesday, mid afternoon, we went to the library for a program about monarch butterflies. It was WONDERFUL!! We all got to tag and release a butterfly. If you'd like to read the full story, head over to my homeschooling blog Learning Curve and check out the beautiful photos! This was my only day during the week that we didn't have somewhere to be in the evening, so I planned to do a thorough house cleaning. Right about this time is when my unemployed brother-in-law stopped by for me to help him search for jobs online. Several hours later, he was still unemployed, my time to clean was gone and I was not amused. Got the kids to bed, did laundry and worked on a product review.

Wednesday night the girls started back to AWANA. Their club time is from 6:15pm until 8:00pm. I dropped them off, drove across town to the grocery store, finished up the shopping, ran home unpacked the groceries then went to retrieve the girls. After they were in bed, I did manage to get both bathrooms cleaned and a load of towels washed, and worked on ANOTHER product review. (I have 6 that are due between now and October 18).

Today is Thursday, my mother in law and sister in law stopped by this morning. School went out the I frosted my sister in laws hair, fixed a big family meal for everyone and cleaned up the carnage. The girls are working on a school project at the moment, and the husband is sleeping upstairs on the sofa, he'll leave for work in about 45 minutes. At 5:30 Olivia has a ball game, then it'll be home to get baths and get to bed. I'll work on our bills tonight after I get home (and the husband calls to tell me what his paycheck looks like), pack lunches for co-op and work on writing product reviews.

Friday....GAAAHHH!! 9:00am until 2:45pm, co-op (I help teach in 3 classes); 4:40-5:30pm ballet, 5:30 until about 7:30pm baseball. After the kids are in bed, I'll work on the church bookkeeping and HOPEFULLY get to start my lesson for Sunday morning (on Sunday I teach an adult class on prayer..this will be my second week of class).

Saturday, beloved Saturday....B.U.S.Y.... birthday party at 1:00pm, co-op back to school picnic and field trip starting at 3:00pm until about 7ish (or sooner if my last nerve snaps earlier...oh shoot, I didn't buy stuff to make the required side dish, dessert and drink to share...gotta run to the store...WHEN???). I'll go back up and add that to my things to do on Friday...GAAAHHHH.

Sunday, the day of rest....HAHAHAAAAA...yeah. Get up at 6:30am, everyone out the door by no later than 8:15, drive 45 minutes to church. My prayer class starts at 9:30, but leadership has to be there by 9:00am. Class ends at 10:15, church starts at 10:30am. Out of church sometime around 12:30-12:45. Drive 45 minutes back home....change clothes. 1:50pm-4:00 pm baseball camp for Olivia. Come home, everyone crashes while I fix dinner. Then after the dishes are done, I'll do my lesson plans for the up-coming school week.

So yeah, BUSY is an evil word. I'm looking for ways to "un-busy" myself. I'm saying no to people, letting go of things, stepping down from things. And you know, people don't like it when you say no, but that's ok.


Cindy said...

I'm exausted just reading your post! I'm glad you are getting better at saying no to people. I hope you can find a little time for you!

Cindy said...

I am exausted just reading your post! I'm glad you are learning to say no! I hope you can find some time for you.

first things first said...

Yes, BUSY is a bad word. I really want to get to a place of "un-busy" so when someone asks me how I am it is NOT the first word that comes from my mouth. Day by day, it's a choice! I do well for a few weeks, then have some crazy busy ones...our basic guideline is to have 3-4 nights at home, as a family. This helps me to determine what matters most. Always a challenge, keeping "first things first."