Thursday, July 2, 2009

When Words Aren't Enough

I just got off the phone with a long time friend who lives several hours away. Her mid-20's son has been battling cancer for 5 years. On Monday he finished a round of radiation, on Tuesday he was admitted to the hospital for dehydration, last night a CT scan showed another he's inoperable.

She called, we cried, we prayed and she left to go back to the hospital to be with her son, who is now having difficulty breathing. The doctors are "making him comfortable".

I know that miracles still happen, because God is a God of miracles. So tonight, I'm praying and believing for a miracle in their lives. So if you read this, I'd appreciate it if you'd say a faith based prayer for Anthony, for his healing, his restoration, his deliverance. And say a prayer for him mom...she's one of the strongest women I know and she's watching her child suffer.

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