Tuesday, December 6, 2016


It's amazing how quickly time gets away from me where this blog is concerned.   I keep it listed in my side bar of my main blog, Learning Curve, and it'll be "2 weeks since last post" and then poof, it's suddenly "2 months since last post".   

Sometimes I think maybe I'll just do away with this blog, but I just like it's cozy, open feel.   I'm not tied to the boundaries of homeschooling, and I can cover many topics.   Yet, the other blog takes the majority of my writing time.  It's disheartening ya'll.

Yes, I know, I set my own schedule and surely I should be able to eek out at least a weekly blog post that has something of value in it.  I shall endeavor to be better about it.

Now that I've whined a bit, be sure to check out the recipe for St. Nicholas Day Cookies, from you know, "the other blog".

Here's to a good week and hopefully some productive writing for me, right?

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