Sunday, August 31, 2014

Preparing For Winter

It’s officially that time of year, the time to start preparing for the winter.   Yes, really…in August.   This preparation has absolutely NOTHING to do with all those crazy winter weather predictions floating around on Face Book.   This is what we do every year. 

Behold the mega pile of wood!


Yes, we use wood as a major heat source during the winter.   It keeps our gas & electric bill from going through the roof, and it’s just much cozier as well.   Another added bonus, is that if the electricity goes off, I can still cook on our little wood stove.   We also replaced all the stove pipe this year, so we are ready to roll!

Believe it or not, wood stacking is one of the kids favorite “family activities”.    They do a lot of roll playing while they work.   Trying to beat the blizzard, watching for marauding Indians and  tending to the young’uns are just a few of the things that happen during wood stacking at our house.



Next we’ll reevaluate the canned and dry goods and see what purchases we need to make as well.   This alleviates those necessary trips to the store when everyone else is in “snow crazy” mode.

Do you do anything to prepare for the winter, or are you a take it as it comes kinda person?

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