Monday, August 11, 2014

Frugal Shopping–The Chicken Store

Stretching the grocery budget is a big deal for many families, including mine.   One of the ways I make our money stretch is by going to the local “chicken store” and buying meats in bulk,  breaking them into smaller packages and freezing them for individual meals.   We are fortunate to live in an area that has a lot of poultry facilities, which means I have 2 different stores I can hit.  Once carries  chicken and pork, the other turkey and beef.

Recently I went on a little road trip, and spent a total of $125 on meats.

We ended up with:

6 packs of ground beef
3 beef roasts
2 packs turkey cutlets
2 packs ground turkey
7 packs of raw chicken thighs
13 packs of raw chicken breast tenders
21 packs of precooked, breaded chicken breast

That’s 51 meals at $2.45 cents per meal if we use each item for 1 meal. However, the burger, roasts and ground turkey will make more than one meal.   That’s not bad at all for a family of 4!

Check your local area and see if you have any poultry processing facilities.   You might be happy to find you have a gold mine in your own back yard, or at least within driving distance.

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