Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall–A Time To Live

Fall has always been my favorite season.  I love the cool, crisp mornings, the changing leaves and pumpkin everything!   Fall signifies that the time of summer growth has ended and the world is getting ready for it’s winter rest.  It’s the cycle of life.

Interestingly enough, my cycle of life seems to be out of whack.   Spiritually, emotionally and even physically I’ve been stuck in the dark, cold, dormant days of deep winter for what seems like an eternity.

Now as we head into fall I feel a stirring, a knowing that something is about to shift.   Little things here and there have been reaffirming to me that my winter is ending.    It’s as if I’ve been hibernating - existing, but not really living.

Then yesterday I read this prophecy:

This morning in prayer I am hearing the word- sidelined, people have been sidelined (pushed away from destiny), the enemy has sent guilt, fear, condemnation and attacks of overwhelming circumstances in order to get people out of their assigned places...this is a time of renewal, refreshing..,a re-birthing of purpose....The Father says that you will not remain sidelined but you will be restored fully into purpose...during this fall season there is a release of refreshing and healing oil to bring people back to the intended place of destiny!

I have to admit, this had me pretty stoked! It bore witness with what I’ve been sensing deep inside.  Then less than 24 hours later I received an email from my brother, the subject line was “Confirmation” and inside was this, from Joel Osteen.

Are you going through a tough time today? Are you sitting on the sidelines of life? God is saying, “Arise and get back in the game.” If a friend betrayed you, don’t go through life lonely. Go out and find some new friends. The right people are in your future. If you lost your job, don’t sit around complaining. Go out and find another job. When one door closes, God will always open another door. If you’re facing a health issue, fighting that sickness, don’t give up on life and start planning your funeral. Arise from that discouragement!

When God sees you do your part, He will do His part. He will give you a new life. That means He will restore your health, give you new opportunities, new relationships. He will give you a new perspective. You will see that even though it’s painful, it is not the end. Even though it was unfair, it is not over. There is still life after the sickness, life after the divorce, life after the bad break. A full life is still in front of you. Today, arise and let God’s glory shine all over you!

As if I still needed more confirmation, I opened up the Faith to Faith Devotional.  I’ve had it for probably 20 years or more, I’ve ready through it many times.  But it’s sat on the shelf unattended for years now.  I open up to today’s dated devotional, and the title is “Rekindle the Fire”.

Although, I’m not sure what or how, I know this is going to be a fall like no other.   I’m SO ready!

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