Friday, August 9, 2013

Our First Fresh Air Child

This has been a crazy busy week as we’ve shown our Fresh Air child all about life in the country (even though we technically live in a city). If you would like to read about all of our adventures, I posted the daily links below for you convenience.

Day 1 – The Frontier Culture Museum.
Day 2 - Company picnic and the park.
Day 3 – Swimming and smores.
Day 4 – Hiking and fishing.
Day 5- Errands and an outside concert.
Day 6 – A tea party and the County Fair.
Day 7 – Low key and a group picnic.

One of my favorite things from the week was the tea we had on Wednesday.  Here are a few photos that I didn’t included in the other post.

Ty`Nique 012

Ty`Nique 010

Ty`Nique 036

Ty`Nique 043

Just too much fun in this house this week!

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