Thursday, August 15, 2013

An Early Autumn?

August in Virginia is typically very hot, and very humid.  It can be downright miserable.   So far this has not been the case this year.  We’ve been in the 70’s during the day with 50’s at night.  Seriously, 50’s in August is unheard of in these parts, yet here we are.  The air conditioning is off and the windows are wide open, letting in all the clean, fresh air!

Today we took full advantage of the weather and worked on one of our favorite fall activities.  Stacking fire wood.  We had this load of wood delivered this afternoon and we spent the better part of the evening getting it stacked in the wood shed.



Honestly this is one of the girls favorite things to do in the fall. So what if we’re a month or two ahead of time?   They love getting to work along side Mom & Dad to prepare for the winter.


My flower beds are still full of vibrant colors.   The black eyed Susan’s, Echinacea and sunflowers are lovely.  




The marigolds in the garden are doing a great job of keeping bugs away, and are contrasting nicely against the ripening cherry tomatoes.


Who knows?  Maybe it will be an early autumn, or maybe we’re just getting a nice reprieve from the heat and humidity.  Either way I’m happy, and prepared.

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