Monday, July 22, 2013

A True Momma

Recently, we had friends visit from out of state.  We spent the day together at the park playing and feeding the ducks.   While feeding the ducks, we noticed that one of the mother ducks wouldn’t let one of the ducklings get any of the food, she kept it all for herself.  

The very wise 10 year old boy with us spoke up “That’s not a true momma.  A true momma makes sure her kids are taken care of before she thinks about herself.”

His comments took me back to Ethiopia, and several ladies I’d met there.   These are true momma’s, who loved their children so much they were willing to sacrifice their hearts and empty arms to ensure that their children would live and flourish, without them.

You see the depth of their love in their eyes, as the look at photos of their growing, safe children in another land.

Ethiopia 2013 105

Ethiopia 2013 113

Ethiopia 2013 154


These two women, and the comment about a “true momma” remind me of the passage in 1 Kings 3:16-28 where two women were arguing over a baby.  King Solomon said to cut the baby in half, the TRUE momma put her own feelings aside and said “No, let her have him that he may live.”  Solomon knew this to be the TRUE mother because she was willing to sacrifice her own wants, that he may live.

A true momma looks beyond her womb, her skin color and her culture.  She sacrifices of herself daily to ensure that her children are cared for and raised to know and love God. 

These three women are true mommas, brought together by the love of their children and the love of their God,  whose children we all are….

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