Monday, July 1, 2013

7th Year, 7th Month, Day 1

My husband has worked second shift for the last seven years.  SEVEN YEARS ya’ll.   That means 7 years of my being alone with the kids in the evening, every single evening.   That means 7 years of missing out on mom’s dinner’s out, ladies fellowship meetings and even homeschool support group meetings. 

SEVEN YEARS of the churchy world and the homeschooling world saying “Oh, that’s right your husband works nights, you don’t have anyone to watch the kids….gee, I wish you could come, oh well maybe next time.”  (Which I’ll address in a future post.)

Well guess what, after seven years, here it is, THE DAY.  The spouse finally  moved to 1st shift, permanently TODAY.  It was the very first day of him being a regular daylight working guy….and I’m off in a third world country buying cows and teaching kids not to poop on the ground without first digging a hole and then covering it up.  Seriously, that’s one of the things we’re doing in Ethiopia this week!

I know God has perfect timing.  So I think it’s just interesting as can be that this change took place on the 1st day, of the 7th month, in the 7th year of our captivity. 

My years of being a “married – single parent” appear to be over.

I think a new wind is blowing in our lives.


Jolanthe Erb said...

so should we celebrate with a mom's dinner out? :) maybe when you get back and have lots to share about Ethiopia??

Joesette said...

Jolanthe, that would be AWESOME!!