Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Great Expectations

The word “expectations” has been rolling around in my mind a lot lately.  I had even been planning a blog post, and then I got side tracked with…expectations of others (gasp) and didn’t get back to it.  The other morning I saw this totally cute picture on Facebook, courtesy of Random Thoughts ‘N Lotsa Coffee, and it brought me back around to “expectations”.


Can you relate?

In the middle of all of life’s craziness right now, (church plant, traveling to Ethiopia, homeschooling, life) I agreed to do an 8 week Bible study, using the book Anything by Jennie Allen as our guide.   Right smack dab in the middle of that book Jennie writes:

But we all wake up and put our feet down every day, and we move through our time here according to rules, expectations, demands and hopes of our given space in this world.

Yes, that pretty much sums it up…the expectations put on us by ourselves and others move us through our time here on this earth.  Instead, we should be moved by a passion to do what we are called and appointed to do by and for our God.

Just like the often unrealistic expectations we place on our morning coffee, we also place unrealistic expectations on ourselves and others.  Set yourself and those in your life free!

Unrealistic expectations will ALWAYS cause two things; stress and disappointment.   We stress ourselves silly trying to meet an expectation and then we, they, the stranger who happens to look at us wrong and has no clue that we were even there,  will in some way be disappointed because it’s not “good enough.”  

Stop it!  Stop trying to please the world, stop trying to impress everyone…stop making yourself crazy!   

If at the end of this brief 80ish years on earth we have given ourselves over to expectations (as defined by whomever) we have done nothing but wasted 80ish years.

If during this brief 80ish years we have followed God passionately, in the mundane, in the exciting, in the hard, in the spotlight and in the shadows we have lived and died to His Glory.   A simple “Well done thou good and faithful servant” from the Creator of the universe will totally be better than any kudos from our peers.

Let go, and live like you’re dying….because each day we are truly one day closer to eternity.

Live Like That–Sidewalk Prophets

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