Thursday, May 30, 2013

May In The Garden

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you on the status of my gardens.  Here is a peek at May in the gardens.

All of the vegetables are now planted.  I planted our tomatoes and peppers on May 21, well after the last frost date of May 15.  May 24 we had a HEAVY frost.  Thankfully I’d went out late in the evening on the 23rd and covered everything up with buckets and pots.

In the raised bed below we’ve planted onions, beets,  eggplant, squash and some late lettuce.


The upper garden (to the rear of the photo below) is home to the tomatoes, spinach, lettuces, corn and marigolds.


We planted our potatoes in containers, and they are doing really well this year!


Still no sign of my garlic sprouting, but my horseradish is coming along nicely.


My strawberry bed has a TON of berries, just waiting for them to start to ripen.


Flowers continue to come alive all over the property.  I love all of my little tucked away flower gardens.

The garden below houses salvia, black eyed Susan's, columbine, spiderwort, Obedient plants, rhododendron, irises, lambs ear, fever few and a little rose bush.



My mailbox garden is full of colors and textures.



My peonies and red hot pokers add a beautiful burst of color outside the sun porch.


My shade garden is taking off.  I don’t see any sign of my bleeding heart this year, I’m hoping it’s just off to a late start.  The primrose appears to be taking over.  I may have to revamp this spot.


My herb garden looked so cute in my mind.  Currently it just looks like a bunch of clutter on my front porch, but I’m hoping to somehow get it to look the way I envision.  At least my herbs are alive, so that’s an improvement.


I’ll leave you with a photo of one of the variations of irises growing in my gardens.


How is your garden doing this year?

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