Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Positive Affirmation for Mom

There are days when I wonder if anything I do is making a difference, especially in parenting and homeschooling.   Then there are days when one of the girls will do something and it’s as if the angelic choir begins to sing.   This week was like that.

Monday was one of those days where the children’s brains just seemed to turn to mush.  I was frazzled.   That night, as I was going to bed I noticed something sticking out from under the corner of my pillow.   It was a handmade card from Olivia.

Dear Mommy:

Thank you for teaching me and Lindsey.  I really appreciate all you do.   Love Olivia

Oh how my heart melted!!   At the same time I was rejuvenated by those simple words of affirmation from my nine year old.

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