Monday, December 10, 2012

My Little Evangelist

If you follow my homeschool blog, Learning Curve, you already know that we just finished up this year’s production of the ballet Nutcracker.   I’ve had some “churchy” people comment on the amount of time that’s gone into the show.   So let me share a little something with you from backstage.


Sometime backstage on Saturday night God came up in conversation among the younger dancers.  One of the little girls named Kia announced that she didn’t believe in God.   Lindsey was floored to think that someone wouldn’t believe in God…but she knew what to do.

“Mom, I told her I HAVE TO SHARE A SCRIPTURE WITH YOU…..and then I told her all of John 3:16, that God loved her and sent Jesus to die for HER.”

“Mom, she said she still didn’t believe there was a God.  So I told her more scriptures about God, and Jesus and how much God loves her.”

The little girl was still not convinced that there was a God.   Finally, in desperation Lindsey said to her “But Kia, if you don’t believe in God, and you don’t ask Jesus into your heart……then you’ll go to hell when you die.”

Kia was silent, and then said “Nobody every told me that before.”  Lindsey, my 7 year old Snowflake Ballerina who missed church on Sunday, then went on to share with this little girl how to receive the free gift of salvation.

What did YOU do to expand God’s family this week, oh churchy one?

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Just Me said...

Lindsey - you go girl.
church isn't about what goes on inside the building - it's what goes on OUTSIDE! I think Jesus would be proud.