Friday, December 7, 2012

Meet Eyerusalem. 
Her parents were injured when Eyerusalem was just 18 months old.
Somehow her father's motorcycle fuel tank caught fire and quickly spread in to the home igniting a kerosene can and sparked an explosion that burned her father badly and crippled her mother. He has recovered and is back to work but has scars and some enduring problems.
She was bedridden for a year and is now confined to this chair. 
A mother despite her circumstances that is filled with such joy.
We need to raise funds asap for her. 
We have the funds for the beginning already in Ethiopia but the hospital needed us to sign a contract that we would cover the funds for the whole amount before they would begin. We told our friends in Ethiopia to go ahead and sign that contract IN FAITH that the funds will come for this sweet momma.
And now we need your help!
The cost of the surgery with the doctor, medicine and hospital is to be around $1,900.
The gift of her being to walk again and fully take care of her daughter is PRICELESS.
We have sent scriptures from you to Emebet and Zewdu went to share them with her and to offer encouragement and prayer.
Zewdu shared this:
I have told all the messages and encouragements by each name and she was crying as I telling about your commitment. Her daughter, Eyerusalem was also at home and enjoyed our visit. One word Emebet said at last is that" I thank my God for giving you around here and abroad to support me. If God doesn't brought you all in my life, I would be history leaving my child for hardship in life much worse than mine. Your visit, words of encouragement and prayers have a meaning for my existence and please keep doing it day and night. By all these I am seeing my God helping me and has a bright future for me to raise my beloved child, Eyerusalem to live a life better than mine. God Bless You all for helping us and keep in touch with me.

IMG_2681_thumb2 Would you like to help us bless this family?
All funds received will go straight to her care and surgery.
(paypal button below..if you’d like to make a donation by check message me at )
Your tax deductible donation will go straight to her medical needs. 
If you would like to comment (or email them to me  with encouraging words and prayers for her—we will make sure that she gets them.
Thank you!!

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