Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekly Weigh In–The Small Week

After last weeks unbelievable 10 pound loss, I really wasn’t expecting anything at all comparable.  But still, there was that faint glimmer of hope that got squelched on the rocks of reality.

I did petty well on my food choices this last week.   I did give in and allow myself to have a sliver (and I DO MEAN THIN) slice of chocolate cake yesterday.   I ended up eating the frosting and leaving the cake.

I’m incorporating more veggies into our menus.  I’ve found that baked sweet potato fries, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with Old Bay Seasoning is one of my favorite foods!

I think one of my biggest “hidden calorie” count is in drinks.  I’ve cut out sodas, but sweet tea is still a staple at the dinner table.  Coffee with flavored creamer is another one that adds up too.  So I will have to really watch my liquid intake this coming week.

Exercise was non existent.  I’ve been having severe pain in my foot and ankle since April of 2010.  The foot doctor can’t find anything wrong, but it hurts terribly.  This last week was the first week off of anti-inflammatory meds, so I wanted to give it a good chance to be “normal”.  Yeah, well that failed miserably and I’m in just as much pain as ever so on with the walking program I shall go.

So, although it wasn’t nearly as stellar as last week.  I did pull off a one pound weight loss.  Please keep in mind that I have one of those old fashioned “rotary” style scales and not a fancy digital.  So if I post all poundage only and not ounces, that is the reason.

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