Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Good Deed for the Day

I was looking at nail polish at Wal-Mart, and this dad, with a super cute little girl comes up the aisle.  She was maybe 4 at the oldest.   She wanted press on nails, he had no clue and she's like "look daddy here they are".  So he got her some nails, and was really cute. 

Fast forward about 5 or so minutes later and I see them somewhere else and notice she's getting a bit antsy while he's talking to her about the stuff they are getting.  About 3  minutes later I run up on them again and she's in full fledge wild pee-pee dance mode.  He's still being like the coolest dad in the world talking about Barbie's and stuff with her but totally not seeing what's about to happen.  

So I walk up and say "Um, excuse me sir, I hate to butt in....but you're about to have an accident on your hands." 

Blank look.  Crickets chirping. 

By now child has her hand fully embedded in her crotch and her legs are crossed.   He says "excuse me?" I point at her and say "she needs to pee...NOW".

I've never seen a grown man panic in such a manner before.  It was hilarious.  So I point him to the nearest bathroom (thankfully about 3 aisles away) and he leaves his cart and takes off RUNNING through Wal-Mart with her. 

I saw them from a distance later and he yells "THANKS LADY!  THANKS ALOT!".....

Yep, I saved his butt from a big old chewing out when he got home.

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Buckaroosmom said...

Love It! Made me smile for sure. <3<3<3