Monday, January 10, 2011

Bible in 90–Week 1


Initially, I was worried about the time commitment for completing the Bible in 90 Days.   However, I’m finding just the opposite to be true.  I’m finding I have more time and and getting far more accomplished!  God is cool like that!

Here are a few interesting tidbits that I picked up from the first week of reading.

- Sodom, Gomorrah, Babylon, Babel and Nineveh are all cities noted for their perversion and illicit lifestyle.   All of these cities came directly from the lineage of Ham. (Genesis 10:6-20) In case you don’t remember the story, he’s the son of Noah, the one who went went in on Noah when we was drunk and Noah cursed him. (Genesis 9:19-27)

- I never realized that Abraham remarried after the death of Sarah; and that he continued to father children!  (Genesis 25:1-2) I found it interesting though, that in preparation for his death gave all his goods to  Isaac only.  Neither Ishmael not those from his second marriage received an inheritance.

- I realize that customs are a lot different now than then, but I still totally don’t get the whole “go sleep with my servant” mentality of the ladies of the old testament.   Along those same lines I find it interesting that not once a man said “Honey, maybe it’s me and not you. Call in the pool boy and see if you can conceive with him.”   Of course I KNOW it was because they were trying to keep the lineage of the male going….but still…

I did glaze over a bit through the genealogies.   Then last night as I read about the building of the tabernacle I thought I’d slipped a cog because is all sounded too familiar…then I went back to Saturday’s reading and realized it was almost the exact same wording.  One giving instructions and one repeating the instructions that were followed….but geez, late in the evening when my eyes are already starting to blur, it’s just not fun to momentarily think I reread the wrong 12 chapters!   Imagine my relief when I figured it out!


Poekitten said...

My eyes glazed over when I was rereading what they had done and it felt like I was reading the same thing too!

I came over from the week 2 check in @ mom's toolbox:)

Amber@ClassicHousewife said...

LOL! "Honey, maybe it's me and not you" -- I know, right? I've always wondered just where the whole second wife and sleeping with maidservants really came from. I mean, Adam had Eve. Noah had one wife. Abraham had Sarah. Isaac had one wife. And then suddenly, Jacob has two. Ok, yeah, he was tricked into but he went ahead and took a second one! And God never said, "Jacob, you greedy man, why did you do this?" On the other hand, had Jacob not had two wives, AND slept with the two maid servants, he would not have had 12 sons! Think how much differently the story would have been, if there were no older brothers to be jealous of Joseph and sell him off into slavery. So even in our human screwed-up-ness, God is still working out His plan for His purposes. It's really interesting to think about all that stuff!
(Popping over from the linky at Mom's Toolbox. I got a kick out of your blog name - too fun!)