Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Little Things

Little things can mean so much more than big and extravagant things.  (Although, a new car wouldn’t be frowned upon.)  Sometimes those little things, turn into family traditions that make the best memories.

When Olivia was born, I decided to buy her a new Christmas ornament each year, to commemorate something special that had happened in that year.  So obviously, her 2003 ornament was “Babies First Christmas”.     We’ve followed this tradition with both girls, and by the time they are grown they’ll have an interesting assortment of ornaments and memories.

While we were at the beach in September, the hubby and I took an evening stroll to the Christmas Mouse.   I LOVE that store.   Anyway, this year I decided to get Olivia an ornament to remember her first Nutcracker performance.   I found THIS…isn’t it grand?


On the bottom of her pretty little foot, I’ve written the year.  When we put up the trees this past weekend, I gave each girl their new ornament to hang on the school room tree.   I seriously thought Olivia was going to burst into tears.  She’s thanked me a gazillion times for it.

Lindsey received the lovely ballerina on the far right below.  I’d planned to get her one in blue, since she moved to the blue leotard class this year.  But alas, all the blues were babies or little blond haired girls.  This one looks more like Lindsey.

What Christmas traditions does your family have?  I’d love to hear!

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Jolanthe said...

love that ornament ~ and that will be so special to her in the years to come!