Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Compassionate Child

Olivia loves animals.  Lindsey, not so much.  However, she has such a tender heart for anyone or anything that is being treated poorly.  We recently went to a “heritage festival”, which was a bust as far as the “heritage” part goes.  But I digress.   However, you could pay for horse drawn wagon rides.


There was also this small donkey attached to a cart.  The cart wasn’t big (you can see it at the rear of the photo.)  The girl in charge of taking people on rides was reckless and thoughtless though.  I had watched her from afar as she whipped the poor little donkey to make it run too fast for the heavy load it was pulling.  (Carrying two teens at a time.)  She didn’t like my answer when she asked if the girls wanted to ride with her.  But again, I digress.

Lindsey hadn’t seen her treatment of the little donkey.  But she saw the sadness of the little animal and was drawn to it.  She stood for the longest time, stroking the little donkey’s neck and talking gently to it.  It eventually moved closer to her.

As she stood and rubbed on the little donkey, she said “Mom, I wish we had a farm.   I’d take this little donkey home and nobody would ever be mean to him again.”

A compassionate heart sees the hurt in those around it…even when it doesn’t see what caused the hurt.  When was the last time you looked through the eyes of compassion?

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