Friday, October 15, 2010

It’s Official

Fall is officially here, we had to build the first fire of the season!  We woke up to 64 degrees IN the house this morning.  By noon it was still only 66.  Now it’s a toasty 71 and the girls are camping out by the woodstove reading.  It’s amazing how cozy and homey a fire can make a house!  

We baked zucchini bread too.  The smell of the spices mixing with the smoky smell from the fire is SO wonderful!

I’m drinking my hot tea again.  There is just something therapeutic about a warm cup of tea.  Coffee is ok, but tea just seems to be soothing and calming, even more so in the gray days of fall and winter.

I’ll be making our first pot of stew or chili this coming week; depending on what cuts of meat I find marked down at the market when I go in the morning.   If we have chili, it will be accompanied by hot corn bread.   Soup will be accompanied by a fresh hot loaf of bread.  Either sounds delish, right?

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