Wednesday, September 15, 2010

End of Summer Get Away

Since we homeschool, we have the ability to schedule our vacations (such as they are) for non-prime times.  This helps us to save money by going during the “off season”.  It also helps us to avoid ridiculously crowded activities that nobody gets to enjoy.

We just returned from a 3 day get away to the beach.  The first day was rainy so we took advantage of the aquarium.  I posted lots of photos of the aquarium on Learning Curve, and you can find that post by clicking here.

059 053 072

Mamaw traveled with us and the girls had a wonderful time playing in the sand with her.  Originally, they were constructing a sandcastle…which somehow turned into digging a really BIG hole.   We also spotted a school of dolphins swimming right off the pier, but I didn’t get any photos.

 062 056 054

Our hotel had an indoor pool, so later in the evenings Thomas attempted to teach Olivia to swim.   Needs work….

094 098

Even Lindsey looks a bit concerned by the progress, or lack thereof.


107 102

The view from our balcony….


Followed by a trip to the mall to ride the two story carousel, and then on to Chuckee Cheese before starting for home.

117 120



Even though I’m never in any of the photos (because really, who would take photos?)…I really DO go on these trips too!

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