Sunday, November 15, 2009

Revelations in a Childs Heart

I love it when I see my children get a revelation of God in their lives. This past week we had one of those weeks were every day there was a different issue to deal with. On Monday my husband had to have abdominal surgery. Tuesday was explosive diarrhea from child #2. Wednesday pink eye in child #1. Thursday a random high fever in child #1. We finished the week with Olivia going to bed Thursday night with a bad earache.

Now, I've been serving God long enough to know that when something good is on the way, all heck breaks loose around you to get you off focus. Despite all of the attacks and circumstances we packed up Friday morning and drove 3 hours to attend a Believer's Convention near Washington DC. We had already prayed over Olivia, believed she was healed and left. It was a cold and windy morning when we left home, so I put cotton in Olivia's ears to keep the cold air out.

When we arrived at our destination, praise and worship was already going. After about 10 minutes, Olivia tugged on my arm and handed me her cotton balls and said "Here Mom, I don't need these anymore, I'm healed now." I felt like doing a back flip, because Olivia had the REVELATION that she was healed, not that it just stopped hurting, but HEALED!!

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