Friday, September 4, 2009

Yeah...That Left a Mark!

You ever have one of those know the ones where the to-do list increases instead of decreases. Scheduled get overbooked, things don't go as well as you've planned?

The husband ended up working 12 hour shifts, so he left at 11:00am each day and got off work at midnight. But, the week was going pretty smoothly, somewhat hectic with baseball three nights in a row, but still doable. Thursday is grocery day, but there was a ball game at 6:00pm. So when the husband left for work at 11:00 am, I loaded the kids into the van to go get groceries, planning then to do schoolwork when we got home, before the game. Yeah.well. It was around about this point that the day took a drastic down turn, both figuratively and literally. I had the kids buckled into the van and realized that I'd grabbed the library books, the cooler for the perishables and my purse but NOT the shopping list. Told the girls not to get out of the van, went back inside and down the steps for the shopping list.

I might interject here, that I don't normally wear shoes at home (indoors or outdoors). However, I had on flip-flops (evil creations that should be banned from the face of the earth) for the trip to the grocery store and left those on (won't be doing that again anytime soon!) Our steps are hardwood, there are 11 steps before hitting the landing at the bottom. I use the term hitting for a reason.

Yeah...somewhere around step three the slick underside of the overly floppy flip flop lost traction with the stair. I specifically remember clawing thin air for something to stop the rapid descent towards that bottom landing. Have you ever had one of those sllloooowww moootttiiiooonnn moments, when you are pretty sure you're watching yourself from a distance? Seriously, its as though I can remember seeing myself falling, I remember seeing the back of my head getting ready to hit the step REALLY HARD; and I remember seeing/feeling it being if an invisible set of hands went in between the step and my head. God's arm is not short, and His eye is ever watchful!

Sitting at the bottom of the stairway in some serious pain, my first thought was "oh my gosh, the girls are in the van and I told them to stay there, they'll obey my command and if I'm really hurt they'll never come to look for me". I gathered my thoughts and did a quick "lets see if everything moves" before I attempted to get up. Thank God, nothing was broken!

Today, my right arm, shoulder and chest are aching and stiff/sore. In the palm of my right hand there is a bruise, about the size of a dime that I can't figure out. My back is sore/hurting, and my backside has some unbelievably black, purple and red bruising. I've been really fatigued since the fall. I had to stop and sit down periodically today, not sure what was up with that. Which, I might add is very uncomfortable considering that this particular region took the brunt of the falling.

One thing that I realized, is that a good thing about being overweight is that it does add extra cushioning during bad falls. The bad thing about being overweight is that it adds a lot more force to those falls.

I'm thankful that it wasn't more serious than bruises and aches! Thank you Lord for your protection!

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