Monday, September 7, 2009

The Face of Four

It doesn't seem possible that four years have zipped by since the Hurricane Katrina nightmare. I watched the news coverage while I was in labor with Lindsey. I remember hearing about the numerous births that had taken place in the Super Dome while people were waiting to be evacuated; and was oh so thankful for my nice maternity ward in our local hospital.

Somehow that little 8lb. 11.9oz. squirming, wriggling being has turned into this lovely little girl!

For some reason, Lindsey was set on having a cowgirl party this year. It was not the easiest theme to work with, but it turned out well. Of course, TODAY I googled "cowgirl birthday party" and found a lot more things than I did last month when I ordered everything...sigh. So we went with some horses in a pasture for the cake ( LOOKED like they were standing in poo, but it was supposed to be mud I assume??)

Blowing out the candles, without catching her hair on fire, always a plus!!

Oh....and for all of you who wonder, "who is this friend Amy that is mentioned so often?"....


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