Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summers End

Ok, TECHNICALLY it's still summer, I mean it is August, and VERY hot after all. However, public schools in our area started back today. The last of the corn was picked from our garden. The pumpkins have already turned a lovely orange and I saw my first woolly worm today. In the weather section of our paper the headline read "30 Days Until Frost"....with a heat index well over 100 today, frost is sounding mighty good right about now.

I've been picking seeds off of my cosmos, marigolds and sunflowers for storage until next spring. I'm trying to figure out what the zinnia seeds look like, although by all appearances they aren't about to wither yet. We finished getting our wood supply for the year (only to find out that we're being GIVEN three more pickup loads.) Thank God for that blessing! It never hurts to have extra!

I'm planning a field trip to a peach orchard soon. I'm craving fresh peaches and I think the girls would enjoy picking them (and hopefully EATING them). We won't need to go to a pumpkin patch seeing as how our garden turned into a pumpkin patch. I counted 12 pumpkins today, and lots more blooms still in the works.

The zucchini appeared to be stopping production for the year. I was ok with that, especially after baking loads of bread; frying, sauteing and steaming it several days a week, giving it away daily and freezing DOZENS of bags of shredded, round cut and spears of the veggie for the winter. We only planted 4 plants...but they were very productive. Today while weeding and removing dead leaves, I stumbled upon an interesting scene....5 count them NEW zucchini plants....and they are LOADED with little zucchini's. I guess I need to buy some more freezer bags pretty soon.

Today, Lindsey helped me work in the garden. She's very imaginative and talkative (my gosh does she talk!!!) Generally, she talks to her imaginary friends about all sorts of things. Charles Ingalls (of Little House on the Prairie fame) is often her guest at the dinner table, although he's not a big eater. Today we were working along picking weeds and dead vines when I overheard this little conversation from her...

"I'm helping mom to pull weeds, now don't get in my way."....pause.... "No you can't help me to pick weeds."....pause.... "What??? WHY can't you help me pick weeds?".....pause, followed by incredulous look on her face.... "Because YOU.ARE.NOT.REAL. THAT is why you can't help me to pick weeds."

Yeah, I guess that's as good of a reason as any to not get to pick weeds.

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