Saturday, August 22, 2009

Smells Like Home

Today is a rainy day...but I'm NOT complaining! Thank you Lord for the much needed rain!! My flowers, garden and grass are most appreciative (as is my water bill). I love the smell of rain, it brings back memories or camping trips with my brother. (You know anytime you go camping, it's going to rain, right?) It's funny how our senses are so keenly tied to our memories and can take us back years in time in a split second.

I try to do things that instill a sense of family with our girls. Small things that can be an anchor to them in times of uncertainty. One thing I've started doing in the last month is fixing a big family breakfast on Saturday's. Typically, Saturday is the least hurried morning of the week, so it lends itself more easily to a leisurely meal. Usually we have bacon, eggs and biscuits. (Yes, I KNOW it has fat, cholesterol and carbs...get over it.) Sometimes there is a deviation, adding french toast or pancakes or garden fresh tomatoes. There is a reasoning behind the menu, really.

1) bacon is the only "breakfast meat" that Olivia will touch, no sausage, no ham...just bacon.

2) both girls like biscuits and they are filling, and make up for the fact that the bacon shrivels up to nothing.

3) hubby loves eggs

4) the smell!

Bacon has that distinctive smell that permeates the house. Years from now, when my husband and I are dead and gone and the girls smell bacon it'll take them back to our little kitchen table. They'll remember the rainy days like today, the snowy days, the nothing special days. They'll remember that family is important and that mom and dad loved spending time with them and just being with them.

After breakfast my husband took the kids to Lowe's and then the library. They came home and I was baking zucchini bread. They KNEW that smell, it was the smell of mom being home. One day, maybe they'll actually like zucchini bread, and be glad for the recipe cards I've made for each of them.

Does your house smell like home? Or is it just a place to store all your stuff?

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