Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scrapbooking Emergency Day

I'm a chronological scrapper. I HAVE to scrap in the order that events occur, or it just bugs me. I haven't had the chance to scrap since I was so.far.behind.

So yesterday I declared a Scrapping Emergency Day. There was no homeschooling, no housework (with the exception of cooking and dishes). I spent the ENTIRE day scrapping. At about midnight last night, I finished. I'm totally up to date!! I did a total of 33 layouts, 12X12 layouts. For anyone who doesn't scrapbook this may sound trivial. For those of you who DO is a phenomenal amount!

Here are two of my favorite layouts of the day. The first recaptures the day that Olivia cut her hair...her never EVER cut hair, that was down mid thigh....there is a hidden tag under the bottom photo that has the journaling.

This one is from Olivia's birthday....she's so pretty! I need to add a couple of flowers to this to make it complete, but I ran out of flowers before I got to this one. I'll go back and add them after I hit the craft supply store.

I used two new tape runners and the classroom was a disaster area. Here is the aftermath...

So I'll finish this post, and go upload photos to be printed at Walmart....and the cycle will continue.

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Kristy said...

I want to come next time! 33 is alot! The most I have done at once is 26 and that was 3 days of scrapping! I am sooooo far behind. I haven't even started Catylyn's baby book yet and she is almost 9 months old.