Thursday, July 30, 2009

Musical Beds Anyone?

I used to babysit a little boy named Hunter. He is 3 months older than Lindsey. I had him from the time he was 15 months until last year when we moved. (Side note...tomorrow is one year since we bought our house.) He's spending a few days with us this week.

Lindsey and Hunter have always been extremely close. It took us a long time to convince them they weren't siblings. He called her Sissy until just recently. They've been together several times since we moved and it's always as if they've never been apart. In June Hunter turned 4. Several days before his birthday he picked some flowers for his wedding. His mom asked who he intended to marry and Lindsey was his response... no surprise there. She tried to convince him that he was a bit young...he finally agreed to wait until he was 4. Lindsey was thrilled, but after thinking on it a bit she said she would marry him when they were older because "we're just children now". SMAAAAAAAART girl!

We hit the park, and Olivia's baseball award ceremony today. Tomorrow we're traveling about an hour north to meet some of my old friends for a picnic. Hunter as usual just blends in as part of our family. He just seems to belong here. Although he's slept in our home on many occasions, it has always been during the day, never over night. So to be honest I was a bit leery of bedtime tonight.

The biggest problem was deciding where to put him. Originally I'd planned on moving Lindsey into Olivia's bed with her, and letting Hunter sleep in Lindsey's room alone. Hunter on the other hand, announced that he's no longer planning to marry Lindsey, but has decided to marry Olivia instead. So he said he wanted to sleep in Olivia's bed so they could snuggle. THAT.IS.SO.NOT.HAPPENING.MISTER!!

Olivia didn't like the idea of Lindsey in her bed. She said "I'm just not comfortable with it." (Who ARE these people???) So Hunter is in Lindsey's room, Olivia is in her own room. Lindsey is asleep on the sofa, but will move to my bed when I retire for the evening. Which means the husband will end up on the sofa because he swears that Lindsey takes up too much room in the bed.

So at least two out of the five of us will end up sleeping in the correct spot tonight.

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