Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Gardens - 2016 Edition

I've been a bit lax in posting to this blog in recent weeks and months.   I'm hoping to rectify that at some point, humor me, ok?

I thought I'd take time to share some photos of this year's garden.  This post serves a dual purpose, first you get to see my lovely flowers, and it we get the terrible storms in out forecast for this afternoon and overnight, I may not have anything but photos of the flowers by morning.

My mailbox garden is one of my favorites, I love the day lilies.

 My rosebush has taken on a life of it's own.  I need a trellis for next year.

 My shade garden is on the left side of my drive way.   I have evening primrose, hostas, day lilies, lambs ear and lamiun growing under there.   I also have some little white flowers, but I'm drawing a blank on the name.   I have a couple of wind chimes and homemade gourd bird houses hanging in the branches of the big pine tree.

This next little back yard garden has all sorts of things in it, a rosebush, lambs ear, lamium, fever few (which has taken over) black eyed Susan's, columbine, irises, obedient plants, chrysanthemums and purple spider wort.  Not everything is currently in bloom obviously.

The garden below is my the upper corner of my back yard.  There are day lilies, lily of the valley, cone flowers, spider wort, red hot pokers, a wisteria vine and a hydrangea bush.

The vegetable garden (below) is coming along nicely.   I'd thought the late frost had killed the squash, but they have rebounded, and all of them now have blooms.   We have 8 squash, 13 tomatoes (4 varieties), lettuce, spinach, endive and onions growing.   We've already harvested all of the radishes, so I'll replant those come early fall.   I also have a huge patch of sunflowers growing by the garden gate.

Lastly, here's my little garden shed garden.   It has white peonies, cone flower, mums, day lilies, spider wort, parrot irises, lambs ear and a few other little odds and ends that haven't come up yet.

I missed getting photos of my peonies and red hot poker gardens this year.   Here area few close up photos of some of my lovely flowers.

Thanks for touring my gardens with me!


Pastor Scott Stedman said...

Looks great! I may need you to help with my exterior decorating

Joesette Huffman said...

I'd be happy to help! I love gardening!