Sunday, February 28, 2016

Victim or Victor?

While at the park today we saw an epic duck vs. goose battle in the fish pond.  The goose was much larger, and much stronger, and by all appearances the duck was dying as the goose pinned the ducks head under the water.  The ducks struggling began to slow, his wings going limp.  Suddenly the ducks desire to breathe and live erupted into a powerful onslaught that upended the goose and sent it screeching out of the water and onto the bank with the duck in hot pursuit, where it thoroughly pummeled the goose.  I stood there and cheered for that victorious bird. You can learn a lot from that little duck.

I’m sure many of you are thinking “why didn’t you help the poor duck to begin with?”    Sometimes, the absolute WORST thing we can do for someone is fight their battle.  In our quickness to intervene, we often teach victim mentality instead of victor mentality.

When you’ve finally had enough, you will engage the enemy, and go on the offensive, and do what’s necessary to move into victory.   

The choice is yours.

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