Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Few Ornaments

I have boxes of Christmas ornaments.  They don’t all get used each year.  I rotate, or do less trees, or go with a different theme.  It’s one of my favorite things about the holiday.  I wish we had a Christmas Mouse store close by, just so I could go check out all their glittery, shiny ornaments on a regular basis.

I thought I’d share a few of the favorite ornaments that made the tree this year.  First we’ll look at our “fancy tree”.  This is usually done with a Victorian/tea/girlie theme with purples, mauves and beads and baubles.

My first star ornament doesn’t fit into that category at all, but it’s one of my oldest ornaments.  My older brother bought it for me when we were kids.  It’s a little porcelain mouse singing out of a book.  The white trim on his outfit is velvety.

Christmas Ornaments 002

The next ornament is also from my brother.  He bought it for me in 1994 when my life fell apart.  Funny thing is, this is Lindsey’s favorite ornament.  Every morning she opens it up to wake her “people” up.  Every night at bed time she closes it and puts her “people” to bed. 

Christmas Ornaments 003

Next is my little Victorian lady, and my nativity made of olive wood from Israel.

084Christmas Ornaments 009

My tiny little glass basked or porcelain roses is always on the  tree.


This little gingerbread house is glittery and as cute as can be.  A light bulb goes up through the bottom and makes the windows light up.

Christmas Ornaments 018

Now we’ll move on to the antique or outdoorsy tree.  This tree doesn’t always get put up, but this year we were feeling especially Christmassy as the snow fell and we decorated the house.

These first two ornaments are handmade, and belonged to my aunt who passed away in 2007.  She didn’t get much recognition from the family while she was on earth, so I always put up her ornaments in honor/memory of her at Christmas.

Christmas Ornaments 013Christmas Ornaments 012

Next comes the first Nutcracker I ever bought.  I got this back in the 80’s, before I even knew how big a part of my Christmases it would be one day.   The father Christmas on the left is a porcelain bell, and I just think he is the most regal looking little guy.

Christmas Ornaments 014Christmas Ornaments 017

Lastly, here is our newest little Nutcracker dude.  He’s a big chubby, and has twins in green and silver too.  To the bottom left, you’ll see a little pinecone with two little mice peaking out.

Christmas Ornaments 015

I hope you enjoyed a tour of my tree.   Here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas!