Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Day at Home

I think my blog title is misleading.   When people hear, or read, that I’m stay at home mom (S.A.H.M.), they envision someone who…well, stays home all the time.  That is a gross error in interpretation.

You see, even though I’m a S.A.H.M., I’m rarely just home.   A typical day includes homeschooling, then off to ballet or Awana, or the grocery store.   I rarely have a day to just be at home and do “home stuff”.  

Today was different.   The girls are only working on math and handwriting, which they do independently.  We have no outside commitments for the day, which truthfully I find hard to believe and I’m secretly worried that I’ve forgotten to write something down on my calendar.  Seriously.

I was able to get up and have a non rushed cup of coffee, while I read my Bible.  A friend stopped by for a brief visit (a real live person, just stopped by, it was truly amazing).   Then I was able to clean house, weed my flower beds, sit down and eat lunch with the kids, water plants and then joyous day, I TOOK A SHOWER, in the middle of the afternoon!  I may be just a bit giddy over here!

Now while I was in house cleaning mode, the kids went out back to do stuff with the dog.  We have an enclosed back yard, and a very protective dog so I tend to not keep an eye on them while they are outside.

Then they came in, one bloody and in tears.  After bandaging Lindsey up, ahem, we had an interesting discussion.

"How'd you manage this?"

"Olivia had a rope tied to the other leg and was controlling it."

"I see....Olivia, what was the purpose of the rope tied to the leg?"

"Well, she said she needed to be able to stretch further, I was stretching her." (insert muffled giggles on my part here).

"Lindsey, you had absolutely NO qualms about agreeing to this?"

"Define qualms."

"You know that still small voice on the inside that says you probably shouldn't do something."

"Oh, yeah, I had LOTS of qualms."

"And yet you let your sister tie a rope to your leg in order to STRETCH you?"

"Yeah.....I don't know why I did that." (insert flash back to Bill Cosby's stand up routine).

Then Olivia says "Is this going to be one of those things that ends with 'well, like Grandma Addie always said’ ?" Yes, yes it is.

"Like Grandma Addie always said when you don't listen, you have to feel."

What did we learn from this?

Lindsey: "Listen to your instincts, and don't let your sister tie a rope around your leg."

Olivia: "If you're going to try something like this, wait until the week AFTER ballet performance instead of the week OF performance." All the ballet moms say Amen!

It’s moments like this that I’ll laugh about when I’m 80.   It’s moments like this that the girls will tell their kids about over Thanksgiving dinner.   Just because we got to spend a day at home.   Grins!

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