Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ethiopia–Day 1

Our first day in Awassa set the tone for our entire trip. 

Early the first morning we traveled to the fish market.  The children and young people working here are orphans.   They spend their days here on the shores of Lake Awassa, catching and cleaning fish, and tending to their nets.

Ethiopia 2013 007

We then went to the Ajuuja Children’s Home.   We were greeted with so much love.  Many of our FIG families were there waiting on us.  After much hugging, singing and a brief sermon, we gave each family their own Bible, written in their language.  You can not imagine how thrilled these people were to have their OWN BIBLE.

 awassa april 2013 080

We noticed that the lady in the photo below began to cry after receiving her Bible.  She came back to the 2:30 HIV/malaria/hygiene clinic and gave her testimony…grab a tissue.

awassa april 2013 121

This lady is a widow, her husband was a pastor and had died suddenly leaving her with several small children and no way to provide for them or herself.  She felt as if God had forgotten about her and her children and had become angry with Him.  Out of desperation she and her children had traveled to the Ajuuja Children’s Home in search of assistance.  They had arrived at Ajuuja shortly before us.

When we handed her the Bible, God spoke to her and told her that He hadn’t forgotten her, that He still had a plan for her life, and that He had sent these Americans here just to let her know how important she was to Him!   She left that session and gathered up her children to read the scriptures during the rest of that day.  What do you think she read:

“It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” – Matthew 4:1-4

She said God showed her, that He had given her the thing she needed most, first…His Word.  Nobody will ever be able to take that experience away from her (or us).  I can’t even imagine the amazing things that will happen in and through her and her family!  

As I mentioned above, we also held an HIV/malaria/hygiene clinic on Day 1.  The adults who attended were very interested, taking notes and asking questions.   Then we handed out mosquito nets to the families.

awassa april 2013 134

The rest of our Monday was spent finishing up some artwork in the orphanage, and loving on the children.  We can’t show photos of the kids from Ajuuja, but let me tell you they are some of the cutest, sweetest little ones ever!

awassa april 2013 106

Ethiopia 2013 037

Day 1 complete – totally amazing!

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