Friday, April 19, 2013

Repotting Those Herbs

The days are getting warmer here in Virginia.  In fact, we’ve had a few days in the 90’s already, and its only April.  This does not bode well for a comfortable summer.   Even though the temperatures have climbed well above average, I’m wise enough to know that we are bound to have at least one more frost before it’s all said and done.  Typically May 15 is the “magic day” after which all frosts are forbidden….as I jinx us all.

I’ve told you about my plans for a container herb garden on my front porch.  I bought my little herb plants and have been keeping them cozy in our sun porch for a couple of weeks.  I’ve even moved them outside on warm days to start getting them used to the sun, but they come in at night.

This past week I noticed my stevia plant just suddenly wilted all up.  I watered it and the majority of the water ran straight through the little black pot it came in.  Thankfully, it had perked back up by the next morning.  However, the thought of the poor little root bound plants dying made me skip ahead in my herb gardening a bit.   I repotted everything.


I picked a hodgepodge of planters.  The metal ones with the flowers and butterflies on them are from the Dollar Tree.  My sister-in-law bought me the bright blue ones with the goldfish.   The big white one with the flowers was home to another plant that moved to a larger container.  I picked up the little red “washtub” looking pot at the Dollar Tree as well.  There’s also a tall silver pot that I picked up from the Goodwill Store for 75 cents.  It’s from Ikea, and very heavy.   I had the husband drill drain hole sin the bottoms of all the metal pots.

Once I got everything potted, I moved it all out of the kitchen and onto the sun porch where they’ll get lots of sunshine as they prepare to transition outside.  I can tell they are growing now that they have a little more “leg room”.


Do you see that clear plastic lid a the back left side of the table?  That is the girls little mini greenhouse.  They planted marigolds in there.   They are coming along nicely.  The amount of moisture these little plants create in this little project is amazing!

I figured while I was at it I’d also repot Olivia’s little spider plant and it’s babies.  She’s planted this thing in a paper cup at VBS when she was 3.  I can’t believe it’s lived all these years with such neglect.


My poor little kitchen was filthy by the time I finished working on repotting everything.  I somehow even got potting soil in the sugar bowl.


Have you been working on your garden projects yet?

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