Friday, August 3, 2012

Concession Stand–Closed For Repairs

My girls love going to sporting events.  Not that they are huge sports fans, but rather they are fans of the concession stand.  They love getting popcorn, hotdogs and fountain drinks.  Now keep in mind, all of these foods are easily found in our own home (ok,we don’t have FOUNTAIN drinks, but we have soda on occasion).   But there is just something special about spending money at a concession stand that gets my kids excited.

If you have ever worked in a concession stand, its anything but fun.  It’s hot, and cramped.  People are constantly barking orders at you “gimme a hot dog”, “I said diet Pepsi, this is regular Pepsi!”, “hurry up, I’m missing the game”, with little thought to the person stuck in the 6X6 square with three other people, a blazing grill and some incredible body funk.  In the name of customer service and the team you’re representing you grit your teeth and smile…and avoid the urge to spit on someone’s food before handing it to them.

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Without sounding particularly “Forest Gump-ish”, I’d like to say that your life is like a concession stand.  People on the outside are often asking, needing and even demanding things.  You grit your teeth and smile and try to meet those needs, in the name of the team you’re a part of, team Jesus.  You say things like “oh no, that’s ok, I don’t mind, really”.   And sometimes, you don’t mind and it is ok, really.

Then there are times when everything in you wants to spit on the food of the one you’re serving.   You’ve given all you have and you’re just done.

That’s where I am today.  I’ve opened my life, and even my home, up to many people.  I’ve made concessions in many areas.  Giving up my dreams, my house and even my vehicle in order to meet the needs, wants and demands of those around me.  Only to find, it’s not enough….they need/want more.  There is no more. 

Honestly, I’ve worked the concession stand too long.  I loathe the concession stand. It’s a place of discouragement and despondency for me.   I’m suffocating in that 6X6 cramped square.

So I’m stepping outside of the concession stand.  There’s now a “Closed For Repair” sign up.  I’m broken and spent.

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I need remodeling, refreshing and reconstruction.  It may take a life time.

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