Wednesday, May 30, 2012

June–Reclaiming My Home

By nature, I’m a neat freak.   I like things organized, clean and taken care of.  I don’t like clutter, filth or disorganization.  The rest of the family, not so much.  During the 8 months I’ve been working, my house has gone downhill.   Lindsey has commented several times “it’s so hard to keep up with the house when you aren’t home”.   Yeah, well I don’t think anyone has really tried, by all appearances.

Saturday, I’m painting the ceiling in the sunroom.   There were cracks in the drywall that were repaired and sanded.  Now I need to paint and CLEAN.

Monday – The sunroom.  Wash windows, curtains, ceilings, walls and doors.  Move all furniture and scrub under each.  Deadhead all flowers and clean the leaves of all the plants.   Vacuum under the sofa cushions, scrub the floors.

Tuesday – Lindsey’s room.  Purge all toys, dispose of ones not being played with.   Wash windows, curtains, walls, floors and furniture.  Wash all be linens and purge closets.

Wednesday – Olivia’s room. Purge all toys, dispose of ones not being played with. Wash windows, curtains, walls, floors and furniture. Wash all be linens and purge closets.

Thursday –The living room.   Clean the walls, closets, heat vents and windows.  Rearrange the furniture and s

Friday – The kitchen.   This is a small room, but it will take a lot of work.  I need to clean out the cabinets.  Purge all the extra “things” that have wandered in there.  Clean the stove, fridge and pantry.  Scrub the walls, floor and ceiling.

Saturday – Master bedroom/classroom.   Oh, my gosh.  This has been the room where everyone has deposited “stuff” over the last 8 months.  I have books to give away, clothes to give away and curriculum for the upcoming year sitting in boxes on the floor.  This may take more than one day.

Monday of the following week, I’ll clean the bathroom thoroughly including washing the curtains and rugs, scrubbing the walls and floors.   Then I’ll go back over the rest of the house and do laundry.

Also coming up in June, I have several book reviews that are long overdue; and a great art curriculum to use and review with the girls.

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Jolanthe Erb said...

Oooo...I am so with you on this, girl!! After we wrap up testing this week, I am going gang-busters on our house. I've already started re-organizing a bit, but gutting and having a yard sale to raise some money for Compassion is on our list to do soon!