Monday, September 5, 2011

Where Did The Last 6 Years Go?

September 3, 2005 was winding down, news coverage of Hurricane Katrina was the only thing on tv (and I don’t mean that in a bad way) and I was several weeks out from my due date with Lindsey.   At the time, a volleyball game seemed like a good plan (I won!, go me!).  I distinctly remember my mother in law calling and fussing over the phone because I was playing ball while pregnant.

The next memory was of me waking up, in a puddle and thinking I’d peed the bed while asleep.  It didn’t dawn on me until a few minutes later that my water had broke.  Hey, in my defense my first labor/delivery was a totally man made nightmare, so I didn’t know what was “normal”.   My next thought was geez, now what do I do?  So I called the midwife…”Are you having contractions?”….”Yes, they started at about 10 minutes apart, now we’re at about 7.” ….silence…  ”You are on a cell phone, heading toward the hospital, right?”…. “Um…no.”   My husband came stumbling in, bleary eyed at this point “Who are you talking to?”  …. “The midwife.”   WHAT??? and he came a bit unglued.

So I called the person who, for MONTHS, had agreed to watch Olivia for me, and she says “It’s almost 2am, I don’t think I can come right now. You’ll have to call someone else.”   WHAT??

Yeah, so I called Mary, who lived 40 minutes away, she got there in 30.   In the mean time I emailed friends with an update of my 5 minutes spaced contractions.  When Mary arrived, contractions were at 4 minutes, I tried explaining to her about Olivia’s morning routine but she basically shoved me out the door towards the van.   Then on  the way to the hospital I said “run by the post office will you, I need to mail some bills”.  My husband  came totally unglued at that point…he called me WOMAN.   “Woman, I don’t have a catchers mitt in the van, and I really would prefer to not be driving when the baby comes.”  Calm down folks, really it’s OK.

So after we left the post office (yeah, I won that battle) we arrived at the hospital.   The lady who checked me in wasn’t convinced I was in labor, neither was the charge nurse on the maternity ward.  They said I was in too good of a mood and didn’t appear to be in pain.    Well, then that means that all the prayers and confessions for a pain free childbirth are doing their job.  They didn't like that answer, so she hooked me up to a monitor and when it showed the first, MAJOR, contraction she said “oh my God, you are in labor”.   Really, ya think?

She then sent me out to walk around the hospital for a while to speed things up, and told me not to go too far “just in case”.  Ok, so 1) the hospital wasn’t THAT big and 2) I’m at the hospital, they should know what to do “just in case”.   So an hour later and the contractions are about 2 minutes apart so I went back to my room.

The nurse didn’t believe me when I told her how close the contractions were at this point.  So she hooked me back up to the monitor. SURPRISE!  She offered to let me sit in the birthing tub to relax, while I waited for the midwife to arrive.   “But whatever you do, DON’T push if you feel the urge, we don’t do water births here.”  Right, and so I’m getting in the tub now WHY?  

By the time I got in the tub, and got “comfy”, it happened, the almost uncontrollable urge to push.   So back out of the tub, into the bed and 3 pushes later and voila!   Lindsey made her grand debut!

Then I blinked.

Suddenly this 8lb. 11oz. chubby little bundle….


…had somehow turned into this beautiful, bright eyed, vivacious little bundle of energy and love.


Happy 6th birthday Lindsey!  But seriously, you need to slow down a bit….I can’t keep from blinking much longer.

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Buckaroosmom said...

Look at that Hair! Thanks for sharing that! She was quite large, wasn't she! <3<3<3