Thursday, June 2, 2011

Not A Fan–Book Review


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If Jesus were to sit down with you right now and have a DTR (Define the Relationship) conversation, how would you respond? Are you truly his follower or just a fan—or perhaps someone who doesn’t even care about the difference? Not a Fan invites you to make Jesus not merely the object of your admiration, but the very center of your life.


Are you a follower of Jesus?

Don’t answer too quickly.

In fact, you may want to read this book before you answer at all.
Consider it a “Define the Relationship” conversation to determine exactly where you stand. You may indeed be a passionate, fully devoted follower of Jesus. Or, you may be just a fan who admires Jesus but isn’t ready to let him cramp your style. Then again, maybe you’re not into Jesus, period.

In any case, don’t take the question—Are you a follower of Jesus?—lightly.

Some people don’t know what they’ve said yes to and other people don’t realize what they’ve said no to, says Pastor Kyle Idleman. But Jesus is ready to clearly define the relationship he wants with his followers.

Not a Fan calls you to consider the demands and rewards of being a true disciple. With frankness sprinkled with humor, Idleman invites you to live the way Jesus lived, love the way he loved, pray the way he prayed, and never give up living for the One who gave his all for you.

My Thoughts:

Not a Fan by Pastor Kyle Idleman is one of those in your face, make you stop and really think kind of books; with a bit of dry humor and sarcasm thrown in to boot.  To read the prologue click here (I recommend this).   To read Chapter 1, click here (yeah, ditto).

One of my favorite sections of this book says:

I have found that when someone goes through a difficult time or a painful circumstance, who or what they are truly following is often revealed.  When our first response to suffering is to turn to anyone or anything other than Jesus it may reveal that our affection is divided and we are following someone or something other than Jesus.


Personally, I think every “Christian” should read this book and truly evaluate your relationship with Jesus.   It’s that good!  Not a Fan is confrontational, as was Jesus.   It’s also liberating, as was (and is) Jesus.  




I received a free copy of this book from Zondervan for review purposes only.  The opinions expressed here are strictly my own and I received no compensation for my review.

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