Friday, May 27, 2011


Webster’s defines dissatisfied as not satisfied, not pleased or to be discontent.  Ok, that helps…not.   Discontent on the other hand is defined as “a restless desire for something one does not have.” As Lucy from the Peanuts comic would say  “THAT’S IT!”

The normal status quo of “Christianity” just isn’t doing it for me anymore.  I watch people falling through the cracks of churches.   They are wounded, confused, abandoned…seemingly of no worth or value to the “body”.  Yet those are exactly the ones that He died for.

These poor lost ones either strangle on the milk of the Word, or become malnourished and weak from lack of meat.  Lengthy three point outlines that can’t be understood, applied and lived aren’t working.  The brick buildings, fancy clothes and dignified church people have become dead and lifeless.  

The spiritual time clocks are punched on Sunday morning and at the mid week service, but what about the rest of the week?   When not so much as a prayer is offered up on behalf of a town all but destroyed by a massive tornado, you have to wonder will they stand with me during a bad time?

Discontent is where I am.  I have a restless desire for something that I don’t have.  I see glimpses of it.   I can tell it’s there, almost.  I feel the prompting to make changes that won’t be liked, understood or agreed with by some.  But at the end of the day, there is only One to answer to.

God spoke to me today, through my 5 year old.   Totally oblivious to the thoughts and feelings and unrest I’ve been struggling with, her sweet voice announced “A servant doesn’t just stand and watch.  A servant helps!”

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Buckaroosmom said...

Those you speak of are blinded by their need for acceptance of who they are, where they are, the need to be needed for what they can offer, & sincere love. And they see not what is smack in front of them. I am very disallusioned by the brick, pretty clothes, pretty faces, & words that go in circles. It makes you think that if it isn't happening in their building & their just does not exist, & sadly they don't see it either.