Monday, December 6, 2010

Small Things To One

Our neighbor, Ms. Kay,  is a lovely and lively 70ish widow lady.   She is a native of Luxembourg, and has the most delightful accent.  More importantly, she has a wonderful warm and loving disposition about her.   She’s become a surrogate grandmother to Olivia and Lindsey.

In her native land of Luxembourg they celebrate “St. Nicholas Day” on December 6.  So we decided to treat her to a little St. Nicholas Day celebration.

The girls and I made her some lemon poppy seed scones.  Added some German chocolates, various teas and some ginger honey for her scones.   Then the kids made a lovely St. Nicholas Day card.  Our original plan was to leave it by her door with her morning paper so she could be surprised, but the wind is gusting up to 35 miles per hour today…so we opted for a personal delivery.

100_5011 100_4985There’s nothing like making a little old lady burst into tears first thing in the morning!  She was so surprised and excited, almost like a little kid herself!  She squealed “you have no idea how much this means to me!”

I tell you this, not to say “oh wow, look at us what great people we are”.  Rather, my motive is to show you how something so small and simple can mean the world to someone else.

So this holiday season, and all year long, look around.  See who needs a little pick me up, a little something that says “you matter”.  Rather it be some scones, or a bouquet of wild flowers or 10 minutes over a cup of tea.

Be a blessing to those around you.

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