Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh To Be a Ballerina!

Olivia has always been one of those “trip over thin air” kind of kids.  In part, I think a lot of it has been that she grows so fast that she just has a hard time keeping up with her own self.  Part of it is, well she’s a kid, and kids do fall a lot.  Then there is the point that, well the child is just plain clumsy!

When she was four I decided to sign her up for ballet classes.  My logic was that she would at least be more aware of her body and her surroundings.  So for the first two years of ballet, she basically learned to fall a lot prettier! 

Then somewhere in the middle of this, her third year, something happened.  Suddenly, she was actually dancing and not just tripping to the music!  Her movements became more graceful and purposeful.

In March she competed in her first performance awards, and I was in tears as I watched her perform.  She earned a silver medal with distinction honors and I couldn’t have been prouder.

This past weekend was the Spring Ballet Recital.  The theme was “Under the Sea”. Olivia was to be a Sea Princess, and Lindsey was a Rainbow Fish.  Lindsey’s class performed with 2 other classes, each class in a different color.  She was just plain cute.


I was dumbstruck when Olivia’s class danced on stage.  Somehow, my clumsy, easily distracted child had transformed into an extremely focused dancer.  She carried herself with a confidence I’d never noticed before. Not once did she look to the other dancers to see what they were, or were not doing.  She looked straight ahead, smiling and dancing beautifully.



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