Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wedding Plans

Lindsey is working on wedding plans. I have mentioned that she's FOUR, right?

She received a Christmas gift in the mail this week from her betrothed. Lip gloss, a four pack, in a cute little pink compact with puppies on the front of it. She opened it and squealed "!! he remembered that I LOVE lipstick!" (gag)

Then, one evening we went riding around to look at Christmas lights. From the back seat we had to listen to THIS:

"I don't know where Hunter and I will live when we get married." (insert long pause) "ooooooh, THAT's a nice house, maybe we can live there?" (insert another long pause). "Look at THAT house Mom, maybe we can live there instead, what do you think?" My husband had developed a serious tick by this point.

In our travels we also passed a car lot. "Wait, we'll need a car to drive. I wonder what we should get? Look at that car! Do you think Hunter would like to drive that car?"

Hunter proposed at 3...but Lindsey told him "we're just children, we need to wait until we grow up". Apparently 4 is SO much more mature and ready than 3. ::SHUDDER::

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{ jamie } said...

Oh, this makes me laugh! Too cute!
Tell her to give us a call to do her photography in about 20 or so years. ;)