Thursday, July 9, 2009

Free Entertainment

We live within walking distance of the city park. It's really lovely with a duck pond, a couple of swans and huge fish to feed. There is also a bandstand there, and during the summer they have free concerts. Mondays is "Big Band" music, Tuesday is "Praise in the Park" (gospel), Wednesday is "Bluegrass" (nuff said) and Thursday is Jazz. First let me state that I am NOT a Jazz fan. But, tonight's group was made up of kids from grades 5-12, so I thought my girls might like it. They were very interested for the first few minutes...then the three year old says "Mom, can't we just go home and bake some cookies?"....I LOVE that child.

I'm thinking we'll give each musical flavor a shot and see if any of the others spark interest. I'm certain the gospel music will, and perhaps the bluegrass. We'll have to wait a week though, next week is VBS (vacation Bible school)!!

The chocolate chip cookies were wonderful by the way!

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