Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Organic Outreach for Families–Book Review

This past week I’ve been reading Organic Outreach for Families by Kevin G. Harney and Sherry Harney.  I’m thinking one of my pastors has been reading the same book because he pointed out a lot of the same things on Sunday.  I’ll have to ask him if it was coincidence.

In Organic Outreach for Families Pastor Harney and his wife Sherry share from their own life experiences of ways to engage in your children’s lives, the community and the world.  One of my absolute FAVORITE quotes from this book is:

Something is very wrong if we reach our neighbors with the love of Jesus but our children feel forgotten and marginalized.  We have confused priorities if we invest more time in our church than we do in our own children.  Our first priority as parents is to love, teach and lead our children toward an authentic and life-changing relationship with the Savior.

The Harney's discuss five ways you can  share your faith with others:

  • Reaching your own children with the message of Jesus
  • Sharing God’s grace with your extended family
  • Raising your children to be beacons of light in their schools and in the neighborhood
  • Opening the doors of your home to make it attractive and welcoming
  • Shining the light of grace into your broader community

Some of the suggestions for outreach are as simple as coaching your kids sports teams, or being the snack mom. I can personally attest that this one works. Some of the most meaningful relationships we have in our town were forged on the baseball field!

If you are looking for simple ways to reach out to people, this book is a great launching pad.  The ideas are easy to incorporate into your everyday life.  You may already be doing some of these things and not even realize it’s outreach.


I received a copy of this book free of charge from Thomas Nelson Publishing for review purposes.  I received no other compensation for my review, now was I required to write a positive review.

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