Monday, May 21, 2012

A Miracle–Caught on Camera

Have you ever heard someone give a testimony of some great thing that happened and thought “wow, I wish I could have been there to see that?”   Come on, you KNOW you have.  One blind eye opened, one dead person raised….one tangible thing to show you that miracles really do happen?  Ok, so here’s your photo, brace yourself.



So you’re thinking I’ve put the wrong photos up, aren’t you?   But no, I haven't.  You see, that’s Olivia.  Singing.  In a choir.  In a church.  In front of people.  Enjoying it!

What makes that a miracle you ask?  Well, several years ago something happened at church.  I’ve never been able to put my finger on it, and Olivia hasn’t been willing to discuss it.  But in a single day she went from being involved, singing, dancing and being a part of things to crying and having a panic attack at the mere mention of having to participate in anything involved with church, or praise and worship.  She was still willing and able to perform beautifully in ballet, in front of 1800 people, but in front of a church of less than 50 she was terrified.

As a mother, it was heartbreaking to know that this child who is so musical, so moved by all things music had been shut down and shut up by “religion”.  To think that this child, who is a born worshipper, a born musician and singer had been so wounded and frightened in “God’s house”, by “God’s people” that she couldn’t even sing His praises in His house.

So yet another spiritual battle for my child began.  One that required patience, encouragement, prayer, knowing God’s voice when He said to push, and when He said to let it alone.

On Friday, May 18, 2012 I watched Olivia confidently march into the choir loft.  Out of those 21 voices, I could clearly pick out Olivia’s rich voice as the choir opened with “I Will Praise the Name of God”, and then went into “Taste and See” followed by “Worthy of Worship”.

That’s not the grandiose miracle you were hoping for is it?   Perhaps not, but believe me this was something that only God could do.  It was no less powerful than the opening of a blind eye, because it was a freeing of a wounded spirit.

Let us never overlook the “little miracles” in our lives.  For it is out of these “little miracles” that come the biggest blessings of our lives.


Jolanthe Erb said...

Awwww...Joesette, that's WONDERFUL and such a testimony to God!! :)

Jennifer H said...

Such a blessing! Praise the Lord! Olivia & Lindsey are sweet girls and a joy to have in the choir.